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Journal History


I'm running out of things to title these.
Yeah, I've been tagged. Let's do this things.

This tag is from Otaku-chan23


1. I won't be able to put ten things.
2. Okay, I might get a few.
3. Wow. I put three things.
4. I can't find my retainer.
5. I still have that picture of John.
6. My tuba still have tape on it from that Christmas thing.
7. I tried to draw a thing.
8. It sucked. I'll redo it later.
9. I've been lazy with my drawings.
10. I lied. That's ten.

1. Do you like pie?


2. What's your favourite tv show?

Doctor who and bunch of other shows that are cool too. I just don't want this to be too long.

3. The song that makes you cry?

It's not really a sad song. But it has notes and some instruments. Yeah.

4. New subject: let's talk about boobs.


5. Any cool videogames you like?

I like a lot of cool video games. I've never played anything that I really didn't like.

6. Most embarressing that happened to you?

That thing that happened that one time. Yeah. It could have been a lot worse, though.

7. What do you like to do in your free time?

I like drawing. Drawing is fun.

8. Favorite music type?

I like songs with notes. You know, the ones that have instruments? Oh, I sometimes like it when they have words too. I really like the happy songs with notes that are played by instruments and have a singer singing words. Those are cool.


Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!

10. Serious shit now....what is on top of your table?

Do you mean an actual table or is there something I'm missing? Well, there's a shoe, some packs of gum, a TARDIS mug, a hat, chocolate, pieces of pools noodles with toothpicks in them, a poster, a Harry Potter book, a Luigi coaster, a lot of papers, an American flag, a bottle, Sam, soap, purple hair dye, gloves, shutter shades, paint, tree bark, sock monkey yo-yo, 3D glasses, and a tiny chair.

I'm gonna make questions. I WILL ACTUALLY MAKE QUESTIONS. WOW.


1. Okay, if your friends were coming over for an orange juice party, but you only had giant roll tinfoil, what would you do?

2.  The numbers -5, 87, and 12 all go for a walk. Where do they go out for dinner after?

3. If you were stuck on a dessert island, what would you eat first?

4. Have you ever wondered how they get the caramel in those chocolate bars? 

5. Why won't my car start?

6. Do you know where my retainer is? I can't find it.

7. If a magical fairy man came to you and told you he could change your eye colour for only three simple payments of $9.99, would you do it?

8. So, all of America has been waiting to know, how do you feel?

9. I bought a messed up sock monkey from my friend for a dollar. Do you think I was ripped off? 

10. What is your least favourite word? (Like a word you can't stand to hear people say.)

BONUS! If you could go ANYWHERE, where would you go?

I'm tagging people now. 


(You can still do the question if you weren't tagged. I don't know. Maybe you're bored or something.)

Yeah, that's enough people.




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